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The Major system is the ultimate in the development of thepeg systems discussed earlier. It is a system which has been inuse for over 400 years, although it has been continuallyimproved since the middle of the 17th century, when it wasintroduced by Stanislaus Mink von Wesnnsshein. VonWennsshein's basic construction was modified in the early18th century by Doctor Richard Grey, an Englishman.The system makes use of a different consonant or consonantsound for each number from zero to ten as follows:
1 = t, d, th2 = n3 = m4 = r6 = j, sh, ch, dg, soft g7 = k, ch, hard c, hard g, ng, q8 = f,v9 = p,bo = s, z, soft cTo save you the trouble ofremembering these by rote, thereare simple little remembering devices:1. The letters t and d have one down stroke.2. The letter n has two down strokes.-3. The letter m has three down strokes.4. The letter r is the last letter in the wordfour.5. The letter 1 can bethought ofas eithertheromannumeralfor 50 or the shape of a spread hand which has five spreadfingers.6. The letter L is the mirror image of 6.7. The letter k, when seen as a capital, contains two numbersevens!
8. The letter f, when written, has two loops; similar to thenumber 8.9. The letter p is the mirror image of9.10. s or z is the first sound of the word zero; 'o' is the lastletter.As with the Number-Sound and Number-Shape systems,our task is to create a visual image that can immediately andpermanently be linked with the number it represents.Let us take for example the number 1. In order to assign toit a memory word we have to think of a word that is a goodvisual image and that contains only 't', 'd' or 'th' and a vowelsound. Examples include 'toe', 'doe', tea', 'the' and manyothers. When recalling the word we had chosen for number 1,let us say 'tea', we would know that it could represent only thenumber 1 because the consonant letters in the word representno other number, and vowels do not count as numbers in oursystem.Let us try another example: the number 34. In this case wehave first the number three which is represented by the letter'm' and then 4 which is represented by the letter 'r'. Examplescan include 'more', 'moor', 'mire' and 'mare'. In selecting the'best' word for this number you once again make use of thealphabetic dictionary-order to assist both in choice of wordand in recall.The letters we have to choose are 'm' and 'r', so we simplymentally run through the vowels 'a-e-i-o-u' order using thefirst vowel that enables us to make an adequate memory word.The case in question is easily solved, as 'a' fits in between 'm'and V to direct us towards the word 'mare"The advantage of using this alphabet-order system is thatshould a word in the major system ever be forgotten it canliterally be 'worked out' from the basic information. All youhave to do is to place the letters ofthe number in their correctorder and then 'slot in' the vowels. As soon as you touch thecorrect combination your memory-word will immediatelycome to mind.Before going on, jot down the numbers from 10 to 19, lettingthe letter t represent in each case the '1' of the number. Nexttry to complete the words, using the alphabet-order system forthese numbers.Don't worry if this exercise proves a little difficult, as justover the page you will find a complete list ofmemory words forthe numbers 1 to 100. Don't simply accept them—check eachone carefully, changing any that you find difficult to visualiseor for which you have a better substitute.You now possess a peg memory system for the numbersfrom 1 to 100—a system which contains within itself thepattern for its own memorisation! As you will have seen, thissystem is basically limitless. In other words, now that we haveletters for the numbers 0-9, it should be possible for us todevise memory words for the numbers not only for 1 to 100 butalso for the numbers from 100 to 1,000! This system could ofcourse go on for ever but I doubt that anyone would needmore than 1,000 peg words.On the pages that follow I have devised a list ofkey memorypeg words for the numbers 100 to 1,000. After certain of themore 'difficult' words I have included either:1. A suggestion for a way in which an image might beformed from the word.2. A dictionary definition ofthe word, the definition includ-ing words or ideas that should help you to form your image.3. 'New' definitions for words which place them in ahumourous, or different, but certainly more memorisableform.The remaining words have blank spaces following them. Inthe space provided you should write in your own key words for,or ideas about, the image you will be using.In some cases, where the combination of letters makes theuse of single words impossible, double words have been usedsuch as Wo Cash' for the number 276, (n, hard c, sh).In other cases it is necessary to include vowels (which haveno numerical meaning) at the beginning of the word. Forexample the number 394 (m, p, r) is represented by the word'empire'.In still further cases words have been used, the first threeletters only of which pertain to the number. For example thenumber 359 (m, 1, b) is represented by the word 'mailbag'. Thefinal 'g' has no significance or importance.Your next task should be to check carefully this MajorSystem list. It would obviously be too much to ask you to dothis at one sitting, so I suggest the more modest goal ofchecking, making images for, and remembering, a hundredwords each day. As you go through the list make every effort tomake your images of the words as solid as you possibly can.1. TEA 2. NOAH3. MA 4. RAY5. LAW 6. JAW7. KEY 8. FOE9. PA 10. TOES11. TATE (the Art Gallery) 12. TAN13. TAM 14. TAR15. TAIL 16. TAJ (Mahal)17. TACK 18. TOFFEE19. TAP 20. NOSE21. NET 22. NAN23. NAME 24. NERO25. NAIL 26. NICHE27. NECK 28. NAVE29. NAP 30. MACE31. MAT 32. MAN33. MAMA 34. MARE35. MALE 36. MASH37. MAC 38. MAFIA39. MAP 40. RACE41. RAT 42. RAIN43. RAM 44. REAR45. RAIL 46. RASH47. RACK 48. RAVE49. RAPE 50. LACE
51. LAD 52. LANE53. LAMB 54. LAIR55. LILY 56. LASH57. LAKE 58. LAUGH59. LAP 60. CHASE61. CHAT 62. CHAIN63. CHIME 64. CHAIR65. CHILL 66. JUDGE67. CHECK 68. CHAFF69. CHAP 70. CASE71. CAT 72. CAN73. CAM (Shaft) 74. CAR75. CALL 76. CAGE77. CAKE 78. CAFE79. CAB 80. FACE81. FAT 82. FAN83. FOAM 84. FAIR85. FALL 86. FISH87. FAKE 88. FIFE89. FOB 90. BASE91. BAT 92. BAN93. BEAM 94. BAR95. BALL 96. BASH97. BACK 98. BEEF99. BABE 100. DISEASEEven when words refer to ideas or concepts, bring them downtoamore immediatelyimaginistic level For examplethenumber368, represented by the memory words 'much force' should, not be pictured as some vague power or energy in space, butshould be solidified into an image in which much force is usedto, accomplish or destroy, etc. In other words in each of thesecases you will be attempting to make the memory word asvisual and as memorable as possible. Remember the four rulesin the early chapter: Exaggerate; Move; Substitute; beAbsurd.In cases where words are similar in concept to previouswords, it is most important to make your images as differentas possible. The same caution applies to words which arepluralised because ofthe addition of V. In these cases imaginean enormous number of the items as opposed to a singleenormous item.You will find your consolidation of the words in the majorsystem useful not only because it will enable you to rememberthe astounding number of 1,000 items in order or randomly,but also because it will exercise your creative Unking abilitywhich is so necessary for remembering anything.In addition, a number of the words used as mnemonics inthisMajor System are interesting in their own right. As youcheck through and memorise each list of 100, have a dictionaryby your side—it will serve as a means ofsolidifying the imagesfor you, will enable you to select the best possible images orwords and will be ofvalue in the improvement ofyour generalvocabulary ! If you are also reading my book Speed Reading,combine where feasible the vocabulary exercises included in itwith your exercises on the Major System.100. Dust.101. Design.102. Disease.103. Dismay.104.Desert.______________________________________105. Dazzle.106. Discharge.107. Disc.108. Deceive.•109. Despair.110. Dates.Succulent, sticky fruit, often eaten atChristmas.111. Deadwood.Decayed, often twisted remains oftrees.112. Deaden.113. Diadem.A crown; a wreath ofleaves or flowersworn around the head.114. Daughter.115. Detail.116. Detach.117. Toothache.118. Dative.Nouns which express giving.119. Deathbed.120. Tennis.121. Dent.122. Denun.To take a nun or nuns away from aplace or situation.123. Denim.A very tough fabric used for makingworking clothes.124. Dinner.125. Downhill.126. Danish.A native of Denmark; like the GreatDane dog.127. Dank.Unpleasantly soaked or damp; marshyor swampy.128. Downfall.129. Danube.The river (or picture waltzing to theBlue Danube).130. Demise.The death of a sovereign.131. Domed.Having a large, rounded summit, as ahead or a church.132. Demon.133. Demi-monde. The fringe of Society.134. Demure.'135. Dimly.-136. Damage.137. Democracy.138. Dam full.139. Damp.140. Dress.(It may be helpful here to imagine thegarment on a man.)141. Dart.142. Drain.143. Dram.144. Drawer.145. Drill.146. Dredge.Apparatus for bringing up mud (oroysters) from the sea or river bottom.147- Drag.148. Drive.149. Drip.150. Deluxe.151. Daylight.152. Delinquent.153. Dilemma.A position leaving a choice which isusually between two evils.154. Dealer.155. Delilah.Temptress; false and wily woman(Samson).156. Deluge. Agreatflood;Noah'sflood.157. Delicacy.158. Delphi.The Greek town in which was thesanctuary of the oracle.159. Tulip.•160. Duchess.161. Dashed.162. Dudgeon.Strong anger, resentment or feeling ofoffence.163. Dutchman.164. Dodger.A wily, tricky, elusive person.165. Dash light:(Imagine the dash light in your car.)166. Dishwash.Abbreviation for dishwashing machine.167. De choke.(Reverse the image of choke, either inrelation to a car or to stranglingsomeone!)168. Dishevel.To make the hair or clothes loose, dis-ordered, 'flung about'.169. Dish-up.To serve food—usually applied to aslap-dash manner.170. Decks.171. Decade.172. Token.173. Decamp.(Imagine confusion in the dismantlingof tents, etc.)174. Decree.An order made by an authoritydemanding some kind of action.175.Ducal.(Imagine anything similar to or lookinglike a Duke.)176. Puckish.177. Decaying.178. Take-off.179. Decapitate.180. Deface.181. Defeat.182. Divan.183. Defame.To speak evil of; to slander.184. Diver.185. Defile.186. Devotion.187. Defeat.188. Two Frisky Fillies. (Imagine them in a field ormemorable enclosure.)189. Two Frightened Boys. (Perhaps being chased by188!)190. Debase.To lower in character, quality, or value.191. Debate.192. Debone.To pick the bones out of—usually from193. Whitebeam.A tree with long, silvery underleaves.194. Dipper.(Imagine the Big Dipper starconstellation.)195. Dabble.196. Debauch.To corrupt or lead astray, fromtemperance or chastity.197. Dipping.(Imagine someone being dipped forciblyinto water, as the medieval torture.)198. Dab off.(Imagine a stain or blood being'dabbed off' with cotton wool.)199. Depip.To take the pips out of (imagine apomegranate!).200. Nieces.201. Nosed.Sniffed or smelled out—often appliedto hunting animals.202. Insane.203. Noisome.Harmful, noxious, ill-smelling.204. Noser.A very strong headwind.205. Nestle.206. Incision.A clean cutting ofsomething, as with adoctor's scalpel.207. Nosegay.Abunchofsweet-scentedflowers.208. Unsafe.209. Newsboy.210. Notice.211. Needed.212. Indian.213. Anatomy.214. Nadir.The lowest point; place or time ofgreat depression.215. Needle.216. Night-watch.217. Antique.218. Native.219. Nit-boy.A boy who is always doing addle-headed things.220. Ninnies.A group of people with weak minds;Simpletons.221. Ninth.(Imagine the ninth hole of a golfcourse.)222. Ninon.A light-weight dress fabric made ofsilk.223. Noname.(Imagine a person who has forgottenhis name.)224. Nunnery.225. Union-hall.226. Nunish.Pertaining to, or like a nun.227. Non-aqua.Having nothing at all to do with water.228. Nineveh.229. Ninepin.One ofnine upright pieces of wood tobe knocked down in the game ofninepins.__230. Names.231. Nomad.232. Nominee.A person nominated for a position or•office.233. No Ma'am.234. Enamour.To bring to life, to animate with love.235. Animal.236. No mash.(Imagine a saucepan which has justbeen emptied ofmashed potatoes.)237. Unmake238. Nymph.A beautiful, mythological maiden,always young.239. Numb.240. Nurse.241. Narrate.242. No run.243. Norm.A standard; a set pattern to bemaintained.244. Narrower.245. Nearly.246. Nourish.247. New York.248. Nerve.249. Nearby.250. Nails.'251. Nailed..252. Nylon.253. New Loam.Freshly-turned rich and fertile soil.254. Kneeler.255. Nail-hole.256. Knowledge.257. Nailing258. Nullify.To cancel, to neutralize, to quash.259. Unlab.To dismantle a scientific laboratory.260. Niches.Vertical recesses in a wall to containa statue.261. Unshod.262. Nation.263. Unjam.264. Injure.265. Unshell.To extract a living organism from itsshell266. Nosh shop.(Imagine the school tuck-shop orsomething similar.)267. NoJoke.A 'joke' thatfalls flat.268. Unshaved.269. Unship.(Imagine a great crowd of people beingordered off a ship.)270. Necks.271. Naked.272. Noggin.A small mug and/or its contents.273. Income.________________274. Anchor.275. Nickel.A grey metal related to cobalt; anAmerican coin worth about21/2n.p.276. No Cash.(Imagine someone fumbling in hispockets in order to pay a restaurantbill)277. Knocking.278. Encave.To confine to a dark place; to keep in acave.279. Uncap.(Imagine schoolboys stealing eachothers caps.)280. Nephews.281. Nevada.282. Uneven.283. Unfirm.284. Never.285. Navel.286. Knavish.Having the characteristics of a roguishtrickster; a deceitful and dishonest man.287. Invoke.To address in prayer; to imploreassistance or protection.288. Unfavourable.289. Enfeeble.To make extremely weak and unable tofunction.290. Nibs.291. Unpod.To take from the pod, as peas.292. New Pan.(Imagine a brilliantly shiny frying pan.)293. New Beam.(Imagine the first beam ever from thesun.)294. Neighbour.295. Nibble.,296. Nippish.297. Unpack.•,298. Unpaved.299. Nabob.A wealthy, luxurious person, especiallyone returned from India with a fortune.300. Moses.301. Mast302. Mason.One who cuts, builds, and prepareswith stone.303. Museum.304. Miser.305. Missile.306. Massage.307. Mask.308. Massive.309. Mishap.310. Midas.The king who craved for gold.311. Mid-day.312. Maiden.313. Madam.314. Motor.315. Medal.-316. Modish.In the style ofthe current fashion.317. Medic.318. Midwife.319. Mudpie.320. Manse.The home of a Presbyterian minister.321. Mend.322. Minion.Favourite child, servant or animal;slave.323. Minim.A creature ofthe smallest size orimportance; a musical note.324. Manner.325. Manila.326. Manage.327. Maniac.328. Manful.Brave, resolute, bold; with man's bestqualities.329. Monopoly.The sole power of trading; exclusivepossession; a popular board-game.330. Maims.331. Mammouth.332. Mammon.The Syrian God of riches; wordlywealth.333. My Mum.'334. Memory.335. Mammal.336. My match.337. Mimic.338. Mummify.To preserve the body by embalming.339. Mump.340. Mars.341. Maraud.To make a plunderous raid; to go aboutpilfering.342. Marine.343. Miriam.344. Mirror.345. Moral.346. March.347. Mark.348. Morphia.The narcotic principle of opium.349. Marble.350. Males.351. Malt.352. Melon.353. Mile Man.354. Miller355. Molehill.356. Mulish.(Imagine anything that is characteristicof a mule.)357. Milk.358. Mollify.To soften, assuage, appease.359. Mail-bag.360. Matches.361. Mashed.362. Machine.363. Mishmash.A jumble; a hodge podge; a medley.364. Major.365. Mesh Lock.(Imagine something like a gear cogmeshing and locking, or a lock thatoperates by an intricate mesh.)366. Magician.367. Magic.368. Much Force.369. Much bent.__370. Mikes.371. Mocked.372. Mohican..373. Make Muck.374. Maker.375. Meekly.376. My cash.377. Making.378. Make Off.To hurry away, as a thieffrom thescene.379- Magpie.380. Movies.381. Mufti.An expounder of Mohammedan law;civilian dress as opposed to uniform.382. Muffin.383. Movement.384. Mayfair.385. Muffle.386. My Fish.387. Maffick.To celebrate uproariously.-388. Mauve Feet.389. Movable._____390. Mopes.Sulks; being dull or out of spirits.391. Moped.Having completed 390!392. Embank.To throw up a bank; protect by a bank.393. Wampum.Name for money-beads and shellsused by North American Indians.394. Empire.395. Maple.396. Ambush.397. Impact.398. Impavid.Fearless; bold; intrepid..399. Imbibe.To drink in; absorb (often used ofliquor).'400. Recess.401. Recite.402. Raisin.403. Resume*.A summing up; a condensed statement;a summary.404. Racer.405. Wrestle.406. Rose-show.407. Risk.408.Receive._409. Rasp.To rub with a coarse file; to utter in a'grating way.410. Raids.411. Radiate.412. Rattan.Indian climbing palm with long, thin,many-jointed pliable stem.413. Redeem.414. Radar.(Imagine 'beaming in' on some objectin the sky.)415. Rattle.416. Radish.417. Reading.418. Ratify.To settle, confirm, approve, establish.419. Rat Bait.420. Reigns.421. Rained.422. Reunion.423. Uranium.A radio-active white metallic element.424. Runner.425. Runnel.A rivulet or gutter.426. Ranch.427. Rank.428. Run Off.A deciding, final contest; a gutter orspillway.429. Rainbow.430. Remus.One oftwo brothers suckled by a wolf—-one of the founders of Rome.431. Rammed.432. Roman.433. Remember.434. Rammer.An armoured point on the prow ofaship.435. Rommel. -Notorious German war leader.436. Rummage.437. Remake.438. Ramify.To form branches or subdivisions oroffshots.t439. Ramp.440. Roars.441. Reared.442. Rareness.443. Rearman.The last man in a column or file.444. Rarer.445- Rarely._446. Rare Show447. Rearing.448. Rarefy.To lessen the density or solidity of,especially air.449. Rarebit.A dainty morsel; often applied toWelsh Rarebit—grilled cheese on toast450. Release.451. Railed.452. Re-loan.453. Realm.454. Roller.455. Reel Line.(Imagine a fishing line tangled on itsreel.)456. Relish.457. Relic.458. Relief.459. Relapse.460. Riches.461. Reached.462. Region.463. Regime.Mode, style, diet; form of government464. Rasher.465. Rachel.466. Rejudge.467. Raging.468. Arch Foe.(Imagine yourselfas a knight with onegiant foe among a number of others.)469. Reach up.470. Racks.471. Racket.472. Reckon.473. Requiem.A service spoken or sung for the peaceof the soul of a dead person.474. Raker.(Imagine a man who does nothing butrake gardens.)475. Recall.476. Roguish.477. Rococo.A highly ornamented and florid style indesign.478. Recover.479. Raek up.Colloquialism meaning to injureseriously in sport.480. Refuse.Rubbish; garbage.481. Raft;482. Raven.483. Reform.484. Reefer.A short jacket worn by sailors; amarijuana cigarette.485. Raffle._ _486. Ravage.487. Revoke.A card player's failure to follow suitthough he could.488. Revive.489. Roofable..490. Rabies.491. Rabid.Furious, violent, unreasoning, mad.492. Ribbon.493. Ripe Melon.494. Raper.495. Rabble.49& Rubbish.497. Rebuke.498. Rebuff.499. Republic.A society ofpersons or animals withequality between members.500. Lasses.501. Last.502. Lesson.503. Lyceum.A place for instruction and lectures; Aplace in Athens where Aristotle taught.504. Laser.A super-concentrated beam of light- coming from a substance which isvibrated.505. Lazily.506. Alsatian.507. Lacing.508. Lucifer.509. Lisp.510. Ladies.511. Lighted.512. Latin.513. Late Meal.514. Ladder.515. Ladle.516. Old-Age.517. Leading.518. Old Foe.519. Lead Pipe.520. Lance.521. Land.,_____522. linen.523. Liniment.524. Linear.525. Lineal.Relating to a line or lines; in direct line.526. Launch.527. Lank.528. Luna Flight.529. Line-up.530. Looms.531. Limit..532. Layman.533. Lame Mare.534. Lamarck.Famous French Zoologist and botanist535. Lamella.A thin plate, especially oftissue or bone.536. Lime Juice.537. Looming.538. Lymph.Virus-laden matter obtained from adiseased body.539- Lamp.540. Layers.,541. Lard.542. Learn.543. Alarm.544. Leerer.545. Laurel.546. Large.547. Lark.548. Larva.549. Larrup.Colloquial for 'to thrash'.550. Lilies.551. lilt;552. Lowland.553. Lielow Mattress. A camping mattress which servesas a bed.554. Lowlier.555. Lily-livered.556. Liliaceous.Relating to the lily family; like a lily.557. Lilac. " .558. Low life.559. Lullaby.560. Lashes.^561. Legit.Colloquial for that which is honest or'above board'.562. Legion.563. Lush Meadow.564. Lecher.565. Lushly.566. All-Jewish.567- Logic-568. Low shot.:569. Lush Pea.570. Lakes.571. Licked.572. Lagoon.573. Locum.Colloquial for a deputy in any office,especially a doctor.574« Lacquer..___575. Local.'576- Luggage.577. licking.578. Liquefy.To bring a solid or a gas into a liquidcondition.579. Lock-up.580. Leaves.581. Livid.582. Elfin.Like, or relating to, a fairy or an elf.583. Alluvium.Soil deposited or washed down by theaction ofwater584. Lever.585. Level.586. Lavish.587. Leaving.588. Leave Off!589. Life-boat.590. Lips.591. Leaped.592. Lib Now!(Imagine this phrase as a Woman's_ _Liberation placard.)593.Labium.The floor ofthe mouth of insects andcrustaceans etc.594. Labour.595. Label.596. Lipchap.A cold sore on the lip.597. Law-book.598. Leap-frog.599- Lap-up.600. Chases.601. Chaste.602. Jason.And the Golden Fleece!603. Chessman.604. Chaser.605. Chisel.606. Cheese-Show.607. Chasing.608. Joseph.609. Jasper. "An opaque variety ofquartz, usuallyred, yellow or brown.610. Shades.611. Shaded.612. Jetton.An engraved disc or counter.613. Chatham.Naval town in Kent.614. Chatter.615. Chattel.A movable possession; property which_is not freehold.616. Chit-chat.617. Cheating.618. Shadoof.A water raiser consisting of a long polehung from a post, and a bucket orbottle.619. Chat-up.To talk to a person ofthe opposite sexwith further contact in mind.620. Chains.621. Chant.622. Genuine.623. Chinaman624. Joiner.625. Channel.626. Change.627. Chink.628. Geneva.Headquarters for certain UnitedNations organisations; Major city ofSwitzerland.629. Shin-bone.630. Chums.631. Ashamed.632. Showman.633. Jemima.Boot with elastic sides, having no lacesor clasps to fasten.634. Chimera.A fire-breathing monster with a lion'shead, a goat's body, and a dragon'stail.635. Shameless.636. Jimjams.Nervous fears; delirium tremens.637. Jamaica.-'638. Shameful.639. Champ.640. Cheers.641. Chart.642. Shrine.643. Chairman.644. Juror.645. Churl.A surly, ill-bred man.646. Charge.647. Cherokee.North American Indian.648. Giraffe.649. Chirp.650. Jealous.651. Child.652. Chilean.653. Show-loom.(Imagine an exquisite antique weaving•machine put on special display.)654. Jailer.655. Shallowly.In a manner not intellectual, or lacking,"..in depth.656. Geology.657. Challenge.658. Shelf.659. Julep.A sweet preparation serving as a vehiclefor nauseous medicines.660. Judges.661. Judged.662. Jejune.Bare, meagre, empty, attenuated; voidof interest.663. Judgement.664. Judger.665. Jewishly.666. Choo-choo-choo. An especially puffy steam engine1667. Joshing.Good-natured leg-pulling or joking.668. Jehoshaphat. A king of Israel.669. Shoe Shop.670. Checks.671. Checked.672. Chicken.673. Checkmate.A position in the game chess in whichopponent's king is trapped. The end ofthe game.674. Checker.675. Chuckle.676. Jokish.677. Checking.678. Chekhov.Famous Russian Author of shortstories and plays.679. Jacob.680. Chafes.Excites or heats by friction; wears byrubbing.__ _681. Shaft.682. Shaven.683. Chief Mao.684. Shaver.685. Joyful.686. Chiff Chaff.One of the British warbling birds.687. Chafing.688. Shove Off!689. Shaveable.690. Chaps.691. Chapter.692. Japan.693. Chapman.694. Chopper.695. Chapel.696. Sheepish.697. Chipping.698. Sheepfold._____699. Shopboy.700. Kisses.701. Cast.702. Casino.703. Chasm.704. Kisser.705. Gazelle.•766. Kiss Owch!707. Cash.708. Cohesive.With the quality of sticking together,said especially of 'sticky tape' andmolecules.709. Cusp.The point at which two branches of acurve meet and stop; the pointed end,especially ofa leaf.710. Cats.711. Cadet.712. Cotton.713. Gotham.A typical foolish town; New York City.714. Catarrh.A discharge from the mucousmembrane caused by a cold in the head;the condition resulting from this.715. Cattle.716. Cottage.717. Coating.718. Cadaver.A corpse.719. Cut-up.Colloquial for 'knife fight' in which oneor both antagonists are injured.720. Cans.721. Cant.Affected, insincere speech; the fashionof speech of a sea; to speak withwhining insincerity.722. Cannon.723. Economy.724. Coiner.725. Kennel.726. Conjure.727. Conk.Colloquial for 'to bang on the head*.728. Convey.729. Canopy.A covering over a bed or a throne.730. Cameos.Pieces of relief carving in stone andagate, etc. with colour-layers utilized togive background.731. Comet.732. Common.733. Commemorate.734. Camera.735. Camel.,736. Garnish.In a plucky or rumbustious mood; ofthe quality of birds of game.737. Comic.738. Comfy.739. Camp.740. Caress.741. Card.742. Corn.743. Cram.744. Career.745. Carol.746. Crash.• .747. Crack.748. Carafe.A glass water or wine bottle for theeating table.749. Carp.To catch at small faults; a freshwaterfish usually bred in ponds.750. Class.751. Clod.752. Clan.753. Clam. -754. Clear.755. Galilee.The porch or chapel at the entrance ofa church.756. Gash.757. Clack.758. Cliff.759.Clip.760. Cages.761. Caged.762. Cushion.763. Cashmere.A rich shawl, originally made atCashmere in India.764. Cashier.765. Cajole.To persuade or soothe by flattery,deceit, etc.766. Co-Judge.767. Catching.768. Cageful.769. Ketchup.Tomato sauce.770. Cakes...771. Cooked.772. Cocoon.773. Cucumber.774. Cooker.775. Cackle.776. Quackish.Like the call ofthe duck; characteristicof a charlatan, imposter or pretender.777. Cooking.778. Quickfire.779. Cockup.Colloquial for that which has beenmade a mess of; improperly arranged.780. Cafes.781. Craved.-782. Coffin.783. Caveman.784. Caviar.A food delicacy; the prepared roe ofthe sturgeon.785. Cavil.To find objection or needless fault with.786. Gaffish.Similar to a barbed fishing spear.787. Caving.788. Cavafy.The 'old poet' of Alexandria.789. Coffee Bar.790. Cabs.791. Cupid.792. Cabin.793. Cabman.794. Caper.To frolic, skip or leap lightly, as alamb; a small berry used for makingpickles and condiments.795- Cable.796. Cabbage.797- Coping.„798. Keep Off.799. Cobweb.-800. Faces.801. Fast.802. Pheasant.803. Face Mole.804. Visor.805. Facile.'806. Visage.807. Facing.808. Phosphor.Related to that which glows orphosphoresces.809. Face Up.Colloquial for 'meet the brunt'; acceptthe challenge or consequences.810. Fates.The three Greek godesses of Destiny.811. Faded.812. Fatten.813. Fathom.814. Fetter.815. Fatal.816. Fattish.817. Fading.818. Fateful..819. Football.820. Fans.821. Faint.822. Finance.823. Venom.•824. Fawner.An obsequious or sycophantic person;one who insincerely praises forreward.825. Final.826. Finish.827. Fawning.A deer giving birth.828. Fanfare.829. Vain Boy.830. Famous.831. Vomit.832. Famine.833. Fame-Mad.834. Femur.The thigh bone.835. Female.836. Famish.837. Foaming.838. Fumeful.839. Vamp.Adventuress; woman who exploitsmen; unscrupulous flirt.840. Farce.841. Fort.842. Fern.843. Farm., 844. Farrier.A man who shoes horses or treats themfor disease.845. Frail.^___846. Fresh.847. Frock,•848. Verify.Establish the truth of, bear out, makegood.849. Verb.(Imagine a word in action itself!)850. False.851. Fault.852. Flan.Pastry spread with jam or conserves.853. Flame.854. Flare.__855. Flail.Wooden staff at the end of which ashort heavy stick hangs swinging—for- threshing.856. Flash.857. Flake.858. Fluff.859. Flab.860. Fishes.861. Fished.862. Fashion.863. Fishman.864. Fisher.865. Facial.866. Fish-shop.867. Fishing.868. Fishfood.869. Fishbait.870. Focus.__871. Faked.__872. Fecund.Prolific; fertile.873. Vacuum,874. Fakir.A Mohammedan or Hindu religiousdevotee.875. Fickle.876. Fake China.877. Faking.878. Havocful.Tilled' with devastation and destruction,879. Vagabond.880. Fifes.881. Vivid.882. Vivien.883. Fife-man.884. Fever.885. Favillous.Consisting of, or pertaining to, ashes.886. Fifish.Resembling, or having thecharacteristicsofafife.887. Fifing.888. Vivify.Give life to; enliven; animate.889. Viviparous.Bringing forth young alive rather than•as eggs.890. Fibs.891. Fibbed.892. Fabian.Employing cautious strategy to wearout an enemy.893. Fob-maker.894. Fibre895. Fable.896. Foppish.897. Fee back.(Imagine yourselfreceiving money youhad paid for a product that was un-satisfactory.)98. Fob File.899. Fab Boy.Colloquialism for a young boyconsidered very attractive by girls.900. Basis.901. Bast.The inner bark of lime; other flexiblefibrousbarks.902. Basin.903. Bosom.904. Bazaar.905. Puzzle.,906. Beseech:',To ask earnestly for; to entreat,•' supplicate or implore.907. Basic.908. Passive.909. Baseball.910. Beads.911. Bedded.912. Button.913. Bottom.___914. Batter.915. Battle.-916. Badge.__.917. Bedding.918. Beatify.To make happy or blessed; to declarethat a person is blessed with eternalhappiness.919. Bad Boy.920. Bans.Curses; interdicts; prohibitions;sentence of outlawry.921. Band.922. Banana.923. Benumb.To make numb or torpid, insensible orpowerless.924. Banner.925. Banal.Trivial, trite, stale, commonplace.926. Bannish,927. Bank.928. Banf.A mountainous area in western Canadain the Rocky Mountains famous for itsbeauty and excellent skiing slopes.929. Pinup.930. Beams.931. Pomade.A scented ointment, originating fromapples, for the hair and skin of thehead.932. Bemoan.Weep or express sorrow for or over; tolament or bewail.933. Beam Maker.934. Bemire.To get stuck in wet mud.935. Pommel.A rounded knob, especially at the endof a swordhilt; to beat with thefists.936. Bombshell.937. Beaming.938. Bumf.Odds and ends; disorganised stuff;waste; rubbish._939. Bump.940. Brass.941. Bread.942. Barn.943. Brim.944. Barrier.945. Barrel.946. Barge..947. Bark.948. Brief.949. Bribe.950. Blaze.951. Bald.952. Balloon.953. Blame. -954. Boiler.955. Balliol.One of the famous Colleges at Oxford.956. Blush.957. Black.958. Bailiff.A king's representative in a district;agent or lord of a manor; officer undera sheriff.959. Bulb.960. Beaches.961. Budget.962. Passion.963. Pyjamas.964. Poacher.One who tresspasses to steal game orfish; a vessel for poaching eggs.965. Bushel.An 8-gallon measure for grain andfruit.966. Push Chair.967. Bushwack.Dweller in the backwoods; guerrilla or-bandit.__968. Bashful.969. Bishop..970. Bacchus.The Greek God of wine.971. Bucket.972. Bacon.973. Becalm.To still; to make quiet; delay throughlack of wind, as a yacht.974. Baker.975. Buckle.976. Baggage.977. Backing.Support, moral or physical; a web ofstrong material at the back of somewoven fabric.978. Back Off.979. Back Up.980. Beehives.981. Buffet.982. Buffoon.A wag, jester, mocker, a droll clown.983. Pavement.984. Beaver.985. Baffle.986. Beefish.987. Bivouac.A temporary encampment withouttents.988. Push Off.989. Puff Up.,990. Babies.991. Puppet.992. Baboon.993. Pipe Major.994- Paper.995. Babble.996. Baby Show.997- Popgun-998. Pipeful.999. Pop Up.An automatic toaster; a toy consistingof a lidded box with sprung puppet.1000. Diseases.This has been a giant chapter, but its importance is beyondquestion. The. major system can be used, like the smallersystems, to remember' short lists. Its advantage of course isthat it is limitless.It can therefore be used to store information. For example ifyou wish to remember a certain list of facts to which youwould have to refer continually over a period of years youcould memorise that list using the key words from, for example,400 to 430. In this way you can build up a permanent library ofimportant or interesting facts which you will never forget!The major system is not only a peg system. It is also thebasis for remembering numbers, dates and telephone numbers,etc., and to these we shall shortly turn.

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