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This next system will be easy for you because it makes use ofsystems you have already learned. It is also easier than mostother systems suggested for remembering such items, becausethe two large memory systems you have learned—Skipnumand the Major System—may be used together as 'keys' for themonths and days (other systems usually require code namesthat have to be especially devised for the months).The system works as follows: months are assigned theappropriate key word from the Major System.
January— Tea
February— Noah
March— Ma
April— Ray
May— Law
June— Jaw
July— Key-
August— Poe
September — Pa
October— Toes
November — Tate
December — Tan
The days from 1 to 31 are assigned the appropriate word fromthe Skipnum system.To remember a birthday, anniversary or historical date, allthat is necessary is to form a linked image between the month-and day-words and the date you wish to remember.For example, your girl-friend's birthday falls on November1st. The key word from the Major System for November is'tate'; and the key word from Skipnum for 'one' is 'up'. Youimagine that your girl-friend is framed or hung up in the TateGallery.The anniversary you wish to remember is your parent'sWedding Anniversary which falls on February 25th. TheMajor System key word for February is 'Noah'; the Skipnumkey word for 25 is 'try'. Imagine Noah, who 'married' thepairs of animals, trying to marry your parents at the sametime.Historical dates are just as easy to remember. For examplethe date when the United Nations came into formal existencewas October 24th. The Major System key word for October is'toes', and the Skipnum key word for 24 is 'trot'. We imaginethe different shaped and coloured toes ofrepresentatives oftheworld's nations hurrying (trotting) to meet because of theurgency created by the end of the Second World War.There is one small danger in this system, and this is epitom-ised by those people who don't forget the date—they forget toremember it! This can be overcome by making a habit ofchecking through, on a regular basis, your memory links forthe coming one or two weeks.The memory system outlined in this chapter can be effect-ively linked with the previous system for rememberinghistorical dates by year. In this way you will have providedyourself with a complete date-remembering system.

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